Equipe iDREAM / Axe 3 : Neuro-biomécanique – Biomarqueurs de la motricité saine et altérée

The aims of the works developed in this research axis are to provide a better understanding of neural mechanisms involved in the control and learning of voluntary movement.

Through a multidisciplinary approach at the fundamental, clinical and translational levels, we investigate motor and cognitive functions and underlying spinal and supraspinal control mechanisms during intact and altered muscle contractions in experts, healthy participants and neurological patients.

Our research activities are organized within the following four axes:

This research axis is coordinated by David Amarantini and David Gasq.

Permanent members:
David Amarantini || Evelyne Castel-Lacanal || Camille Charissou – || Julien Duclay || Lilian Fautrelle || David Gasq || Philippe Marque || Marion Simonetta-Moreau || Jessica Tallet || Joseph Tisseyre

PhD students:
Jean-Philippe Biéchy – || Chloé Daigmorte || Maxime Fauvet || Dorian Glories – || Elodie Martin – || Emilie Mathieu – || Célia Pinto || Claire Villepinte

Master students:

Associate members:
Alexandre Chalard – || Claire Cherrière –