ANNULEE – Conférence de Lizette HEINE

Vendredi 4 septembre 2020 – 14h – Salle de conférence 1er étage Pavillon Baudot.

Lizette HEINE du CRNL de Lyon.

« The effects of music during coma and in patients with a disorder of consciousness« 

Severe brain trauma leading to coma is a major cause of death and disability worldwide with devastating familial, economic, and societal consequences. Disorders of consciousness (DOC) define states when a patient wakes up from a coma (i.e., opens the eyes) but shows no, or very limited signs of consciousness. These chronic conditions have been extensively studied for over a decade. This symposium will first review the state-of-the-art knowledge of these patients. A large body of research is aimed at improving the important rate of misdiagnosis, often estimated around 40%.

Recently it has become clear that the use of personally relevant or salient stimuli can increase the probability of requested reactions. One such stimuli is preferred music, due to its autobiographical and emotional context. Part of my research focuses, together with the team at the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center, on the use of preferred music in order to improve diagnostic assessment. I will discuss previous findings in behavioral evaluations, EEG, and MRI studies that point towards the capacity of preferred music to, momentarily, boost brain function and behavioral responsiveness.