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Associate Professor
Office: E322 (3rd floor)
Tel. : +33 5 62 74 61 86

Research topics

  • Neuro-biomechanical study of the mechanisms of muscle activity control.
  • Investigation of synchronization processes between electrophysiological signals by coherence.
  • Biomechanical modeling for muscle forces and joint moments estimation.
  • Control mechanisms of multi-muscle coordination and of human posture.

  The primary aspect of my research work is the study of central nervous mechanisms of agonist and antagonist muscle activity control during voluntary and involuntary contractions in humans.

  This work is based on the analysis of the link between the central nervous commands, the muscles activity and the muscle's mechanical action. The study of these mechanisms in different populations can include investigating the effects of the level of antagonist muscles activity on the modulation of central nervous commands. Experimental tasks include anisometric (i.e., concentric or eccentric) and isometric voluntary contractions, and involuntary contractions of antagonist or homologous muscles. The influence of the contraction type (i.e., discrete, rhythmic ...) as well as the force level of force is also investigated.

  These projects involve experimental techniques, modeling and processing of electrophysiological signals at the border of neuroscience and biomechanics, including especially cortico-muscular coherence and musculoskeletal modeling.


PhD supervisions

  • 2016 - … : Tisseyre, J. (In progress). A Longitudinal study of the links between attention and synkinesesin brain-injured patients. PhD thesis of Université de Toulouse (UT3 Paul Sabatier), Toulouse, France. Codir.: Jessica Tallet.
  • 2014 - 2018: Charissou, C. (30-03-2018). Contribution of intermuscular coupling to the control of the activity of agonist and antagonist synergistic muscles during isometric voluntary contractions. PhD thesis of Aix-Marseille Université, Marseilles, France. Co-examiner; Codirs.: Eric Berton et Laurent Vigouroux.
  • 2011 - 2015: Gasq, D. (11-12-2015). Time-frequency analysis of postural sway in neurological patients. PhD thesis of Université de Toulouse (UT3 Paul Sabatier), Toulouse, France. Codir.: Pier-Giorgio Zanone.
  • 2010 - 2013: Cremoux, S. (2-12-2013). Control of voluntary muscle contraction after a spinal cord injury: neuro-biomechanical study of the reorganization of muscular and cortical activations. PhD thesis of Aix-Marseille Université, Marseille, France. Codir.: Eric Berton.
  • 2008 - 2012: Dal Maso, F. (20-09-2012). Involvement of primary motor cortex in the regulation of antagonist muscle coactivation. Study of the alteration of cortical oscillations and corticomuscular interactions. PhD thesis of Université de Toulouse (UT3 Paul Sabatier), Toulouse, France. Codir.: Marieke Longcamp.
  • 2003 - 2006: Rao, G. (17-11-2006). Biomechanics of motor coordination: Modelling and analysis in response to internal or external perturbation. PhD thesis of Université de la Méditerranée (Aix-Marseille II), Marseilles, France (2006 PhD prize of Université de la Méditerranée). Codir.: Eric Berton.

Last updated April 9, 2018

Recent publications

  • Blais, M., Amarantini, D., Albaret, J.M., Chaix, Y., Tallet, J. (epub ahead of print). Atypical inter-hemispheric communication correlates with altered motor inhibition during learning of a new bimanual coordination pattern in developmental coordination disorder. Developmental Science, doi:10.1111/desc.12563.
  • Tisseyre, J., Amarantini, D., Chalard, A., Marque, P., Gasq, D., Tallet, J. (2018). Mirror movements are linked to executive control in healthy and brain-injured adults. Neuroscience, doi:10.1016/j.neuroscience.2018.03.027.
  • Charissou, C., Amarantini, D., Baurès, R., Berton, E., Vigouroux, L. (2017). Effects of hand configuration on muscle force coordination, co-contraction and concomitant intermuscular coupling during maximal isometric flexion of the fingers. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 117(11), 2309-2320.
  • Dal Maso, F., Longcamp, M., Cremoux, S., Amarantini, D. (2017). Effect of training status on corticomuscular beta-range coherence with agonist vs. antagonist muscles during knee isometric contractions. Experimental Brain Research, 235(10), 3023-3031.
  • Cremoux, S., Tallet, J., Dal Maso, F., Berton, E., Amarantini, D. (2017). Impaired corticomuscular coherence during isometric elbow flexion contractions in human with cervical Spinal Cord Injury. European Journal of Neuroscience, 46(4), 1991-2000.
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PhD thesis

David Amarantini (7-07-2003). Estimation of muscular moments from measured peripherical data: application to the analysis of pluri-articular coordination.
PhD thesis of Université Joseph Fourier Grenoble 1, Grenoble, France. Dir.: Luc Martin.

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