Axe 3 : Neuro-biomécanique – Biomarqueurs de la motricité saine et altérée / Theme 3

Plasticity of underlying mechanisms of muscle hyperactivity induced by botulinum toxin A

Funding: Ipsen Pharma

A clinical research (ULAFBoT-STROKE) focus on muscle hyperactivity limiting the movements of the upper limb and the underlying plastic mechanisms induced by botulinum toxin A. In addition to the electrophysiological (EEG and EMG) and kinematics approaches, an imaging characterization of the main and secondary motor tracts will be performed by MRI.

In a translational approach and based on the best knowledge of the characteristics of muscle hyperactivity involved in the limitation of movement, we propose the development of a grasping neuroprosthesis specifically designed for post-stroke patients with insufficient recovery. The aim of this neuroprosthesis will be to improve the grasp function in daily life. One of the issues will be the use of wearable systems and home-based tools to better assess the actual performance of subjects.