Collaborations / Toulouse Institute of Neurological, Psychiatric and Sensory Disabilities : HoPeS-CIC

ToNIC is associated with the Institute of Neurological, Psychiatric and Sensory Disabilities and the Neurosciences axis of the Toulouse Clinical Investigation Centre (CIC1436 – Toulouse Hospital/Inserm/UT3)..

The Institute of Neurological, Psychiatric and Sensory Disabilities – HoPeS – of the Toulouse University Hospital brings together clinicians, researchers and teachers around a common objective: the quality of life of patients with invisible disabilities, from childhood to adulthood. Coordinated by Professors Christophe Arbus and Jérémie Pariente, HoPeS’ main objective is to promote care, research and teaching in a transdisciplinary manner, from cognition to imaging, from ergonomics to the rights of people with a chronic disease.

In this perspective, HoPeS joined in 2021 the neurosciences axis of the Clinical Investigation Centre of Toulouse (CIC 1436 – CHU of Toulouse/Inserm/UPS, dir. Pr Olivier Rascol, Dr Claire Thalamas), thus favouring a real continuum between scientific reflection and the realisation of clinical trials. This HoPeS-CIC structure also relies on the methodological skills of the MéDatAS-CIC unit (coord. Pr Agnes Sommet) and promotes innovative clinical research, in close interaction with numerous teams from the University of Toulouse, Inserm and the CNRS. Among these teams, HoPeS has a privileged relationship with ToNIC through numerous collaborative projects.

HoPeS-CIC has developed several thematic research axes, most of which include members of ToNIC:

HoPeS-CIC benefits from a transdisciplinary network of clinicians and researchers, from the imaging platforms located on the site of the Purpan Hospital in Toulouse (ToNIC’s MRI and Pi-R² platform, the PET centre of the Toulouse University Hospital), as well as from the access to the investigation platform of the CIC 1436, for the reception of healthy volunteers and adult patients, within the framework of protocols with academic and industrial promotion