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Quelques exemples de travaux menés au Plateau Technique IRM

ECT-IMSignificant Decrease in Hippocampus and Amygdala Mean Diffusivity in Treatment-Resistant Depression Patients Who Respond to Electroconvulsive TherapyYrondi, 2019
MultiMexShared premotor activity in spoken and written communicationLongcamp, 2019
MultiPAMSSubstantia nigra locations of iron-content, free-water and mean diffusivity abnormalities in moderate stage Parkinson’s diseaseArribarat, 2019
MultiPAMSA totally data-driven whole-brain multimodal pipeline for the discrimination of Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple System Atrophy and Healthy ControlNemmi, 2019
DysTacMapDiscriminating between neurofibromatosis-1 and typically developing children by means of multimodal MRI and multivariate analysesNemmi, 2019
PharmaCogBiomarker Matrix to Track Short Term Disease Progression in Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment Patients with Prodromal Alzheimer’s Disease.Marizzoni, 2019
COMATopological disintegration of resting state functional connectomes in comaMalagurski, 2019
HypoThaMigFunctional connectivity of hypothalamus in chronic migraine with medication overuseLerebours, 2019
MEMIC Dedale/ManosoInvolvement of the Cingulate Cortex in Anosognosia: A Multimodal Neuroimaging Study in Alzheimer’s Disease PatientsGuerrier, 2018
PharmaCogTwo-Year Longitudinal Monitoring of Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment Patients with Prodromal Alzheimer’s Disease Using Topographical Biomarkers Derived from Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Electroencephalographic ActivityJovicich, 2018
ProliPhycICP Monitoring and Phase-Contrast MRI to Investigate Intracranial ComplianceLokossou, 2018
MultiPAMSMRI supervised and unsupervised classification of Parkinson’s disease and multiple system atrophyPeran, 2018
CAPPCerebral microbleeds and CSF Alzheimer biomarkers in primary progressive aphasias.Mendes, 2018
MarmoAtlasMulti-Angle TOF MR brain angiography of the common marmosetMescam, 2017
CoghicAV45Florbetapir imaging in cerebral amyloid angiopathy-related hemorrhagesRaposo, 2017
CoghicHigh prevalence of cognitive impairment after
intracerebral hemorrhage
Planton, 2017

Neural signature of coma revealed by posteromedial cortex connection density analysisMalagurski, 2017

Silica-based nanoparticles as bi-functional and bi-modal imaging contrast agentsLechevallier, 2017
MC Fonc

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Processing of Egomotion-Consistent Optic Flow in the Rhesus Macaque Cortex.

Cottereau, 2017
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• Comparison of BOLD, diffusion-weighted fMRI and ADC-fMRI for stimulation of the primary visual system with a block paradigm
• Accuracies and Contrasts of Models of the Diffusion-Weighted- Dependent Attenuation of the MRISignal at Intermediate b-values
Nicolas, 2015
ComaBrain grey matter MRI morphometry for neuroprognostication after cardiac arrestSilva, 2017
OTBB2> télécharger la ficheThe Use of Oxytocin to Improve Feeding and Social Skills in Infants With Prader-Willi SyndromeTauber, 2017
PharmaCog WP5> télécharger la ficheFree Water Elimination Improves Test–Retest Reproducibility of Diffusion Tensor Imaging Indices in the Brain: A Longitudinal Multisite Study of Healthy Elderly SubjectsAlbi, PharmaCog Consortium, 2017
Test-retest reliability of the default mode network in a multi-centric fMRI study of healthy elderly: Effects of data-driven physiological noise correction techniquesMarchitelli, PharmaCog Consortium, 2016
Longitudinal reproducibility of default-mode network connectivity in healthy elderly participants: A multicentric resting-state fMRI studyJovicich (PharmaCog Consortium), 2016
Longitudinal Reproducibility of Automatically Segmented Hippocampal Subfields: A Multisite European 3T Study on Healthy ElderlyMarizzoni (PharmaCog Consortium, 2015
Multisite longitudinal reliability of tract-based spatial statistics in diffusion tensor imaging of healthy elderly subjectsJovicich (PharmaCog Consortium), 2014
Brain morphometry reproducibility in multi-center 3T MRI studies: A comparison of cross-sectional and longitudinal segmentationsJovicich (pharmaCog Consortium), 2013
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